Friday, April 23, 2010

Tragic End of A Cat Marriage..hehehe..

I like to post something humor in my blog. It's very enjoying to smile and laugh when read or watch something funny. Just for fun and to relax ourselves for a while. No need to be so stress because of so much works..:D

Today, one more funny post from me with a title, Tragic End of a Cat Marriage. Actually it is an email received from my friend.

Enjoy the story with smiling..:D

2 cats decided to marry..

They have sweet marriage life..

They finally had their first baby..

And the second..

The babies took their first steps..

Father worked hard for his family needs..

Seeing her husband's dedication, mom finally realized her mistake and broke up with her boyfriend..

The children grew up without care and became bad boys..

One of them became terrorist..

The other spent all his time in night clubs..

The small one got bored of life and decided to kill himself..

When dad heard that, he got heart attack..

Grandpa lost his vision because of old age..

Mom lost her mind and became crazy..

And finally she also become terrorist..

So pity.. What a tragic life they had..uhuk..uhuk.. But very cute character.. Just for make us feel happy and fun..hehehehe..

Have a great weekend guys..

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