Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Waterfall Could Be Dangerous..

Do you like to go to waterfall? I bet most of us like it, right? The beautiful green scenery and the sound of flowing water, make us feel very calm. Sitting on the rock, playing with water, very nice feeling.. Like all problems vanished on that time.

But today I received one e-mail from my friend. Waterfall could be the most dangerous places sometimes. We heard a lot of stories people die while swimming in the waterfall. Just see the below pictures and in this raining season, there's a lot of possibilities it could be happened.. Must be extra careful when you go to waterfall..

Be very careful when playing near waterfalls. You just won't know whether it's raining upstream and by the time the water reaches the waterfall, it'll be too late for you to run to safety.

So pity.. Even this tragedy not was happened in Malaysia, but it could be happen here. Therefore we must be very careful no matter where we are.. Danger is everywhere..

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