Friday, February 19, 2010

At Last My Lunch Today Was..

I just went back to office from Giant..hehehe.. Bought some biscuits for stock, already finished at home.. And also my lunch, of course need to buy la.. Take away only.. And what was my lunch today? Jeng..jeng..jeng..

Yea, you are right.. KFC whipped potato (large size aa..but I don't know why the cashier gave me so many spoons, maybe he thought many people want to eat it..hehe..). Very suitable for the sick people like me..hehehe.. My gum is swelling la, can't chew hard food.. At home, just cook porridge.. So pity..huhuhuhu.. But it's okla, sometimes not well..

I've already finished my lunch.. Now is time to continue working.. Tomorrow is my holiday.. Still don't have any plan yet.. But it's okla, maybe just stay at home.. Rest and relax myself.. Wow!! Very nice la..

Hope all of you will enjoy your weekends..;)

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