Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Birthday My Dear - 12.12.2010

Already passed a week from 12.12.2010 but I think it's still not too late for me to post my birthday wishes to my dear sweetheart.. Sorry dear, I can't be with you on your birthday but believe me, I really want to be with you to celebrate the most historical day in your life.. The anniversary date of the day you came to this world..

My dear, I always pray the best for you, for your life.. May Allah Bless Your life forever.. Always Gives what you want in your life.. But the most important is what you'll get is would be the best things in your life..

My dear, our love will always remains like the first day we declare our love to each other.. For me it's getting deeper from day to day.. And will end with our marriage one day.. That's my pray everyday.. Insya Allah..

My dear, once again, happy birthday to you.. I'll always love you..(^_^)

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