Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oppss.. Dah Tiba Akhir Bulan..

Sebenarnya aku pun tak tau nak tulis apa.. Takde citer apa pun.. Cuma bila check semula lama gak aku tak update blog ni.. Tup2 dah nak masuk bulan baru esok.. Citer 2-3 kerat je.. Pulak tu merapu ntah hape-hape..hahaha..

Well, nothing interesting happened within my life recently.. Still like normal.. Still ok for me.. Problems? It's a normal thing in life.. Kalo hidup takde problem, bukan kehidupan namanya..hehe.. Just got some bad news about my sweet niece.. Last night my father called me for some reason and I'm quite suprised to hear my niece is there.. What she's doing there? This is weekdays not weekend yet.. Normally on weekend only she will come to visit atok and nenek.. Then my father told me that she got chicken pox.. Aduhaii.. so pity of my little niece.. Must be painful for her.. Somemore it would be itchy.. I've experienced it before so I know how it would feel.. Me myself try very hardly not to make my fingers working when the itchy coming.. And what about her? She's still little and doesn't know what need to do.. For her, if feel itchy need to 'garu' with her little fingers.. Alahai, siannya Huda mak long ni.. Be strong ye sayang.. If mak long can fly, already fly to you now..(wow!! ala2 cik ponti la plak..hihihihiihi)

Okla, tak tau lagi nak merapu apa.. Sebelum masuk bulan baru, merapu le yang bukan2..hehehe.. Who knows there will be more interesting stories in the coming months.. Hopefully la..

So, to my blog readers, sorry if my blog seems so boring now.. Well, just for my merapu meraban, kira okla ni..hihi.. Take care everybody.. Thank you for spend a little bit of your time on my blog.. Really appreciate it..(^_^)


Latest news from my mom couple days after this post date, my niece doesn't look like sick person.. She was so active until her nenek so tired when take care of her.. She can't stop walking or moving, likes to climb sofa or bed if she went to maksu's room.. There is a double decker bed in maksu's room and Huda likes to climb the bed then running and jumping on the bed..hahahahahaha.. Sian nenek penat.. Tak larat nak jaga cucu terlebih aktif ni.. Nasib baik la sorang je..hihihi..

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