Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kakak Huda Sayang Baby Adriana..

Well, dah baca post yang terdahulu? Camtu le rupanya bila Adriana balik kampung.. Semua orang gembira dan welcoming her with warm and great loves..hehehe..

So, sekarang ni mak long nak citer pasal kakak Huda yang dah mula memahami dan menyayangi baby Adriana.. Even she doesn't know Adriana is her cousin, we all just said to her to love the baby.. By kiss the baby.. Touch her softly and gently.. Well, kakak Huda is a very good kid.. She treats Adriana with love and seems she's ready to get her own younger brother or sister.. So, mama Huda, chaiyok!!! Hehehe..

By seeing these valuable photos, I really like these precious moments.. I love both of you my little angels.. Both of you are so sweet.. Always in my heart..

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