Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Motivation..

I want to share one tips that I found in the fb today.. It's very useful to us.. Some kind of motivation to ourselves.. So, here we go..


  • Do not look back on things that hurt.
  • Do not reminisce on things you find ridiculous.
  • Regret.
  • Do not lose focus on the significant things versus the insignifant.
  • Do not cheat yourself out of a good opportunity.
  • Do not choose to expect less than what you are capable of.
  • Do not lose to life.

So, hopefully we can use this tips in our day life.. These things are simple but they could give big impact to our life.. Believe it or not, with these tips we can have a better life with better way of thinking..

Start your day with a smile.. Greet nicely people you meet.. Always say thank you for any help you get.. The self satisfaction will you get when the other person also response with the same things to you.. ^____^

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